Wirui Estate’s coffee wood tamp

Wirui Estate in Carool, New South Wales has designed a unique, hand-turned tamper made from the farm’s coffee trees.

The natural grain of the wood is unique in each piece. There are two tamps available, a 5-millimetre, 230-gram tamp, and a 10-millimetre, 330-gram tamp.

The handle weighs 75 grams. The diameter of each is 58 millimetres.

The tamp base is made from turned stainless steel. Currently, only commercial espresso machine tamps are available.

The price is $95 including tax. Shipping costs apply.

In addition, Wirui Estate has created the perfect gift to give any coffee lover – a coffee pen.

A hand-crafted pen using light-toned wood from Wirui Estate coffee trees is available and can be shipped anywhere in Australia.

Cost is $35. Shipping costs apply.

For more information visit www.wiruiestate.com

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