Wolff Coffee Roasters to host Australian AeroPress Championships

World AeroPress Championship

Wolff Coffee Roasters will host the Australian AeroPress Championships in Hendra, Brisbane on Friday 21 October from 4pm to 9pm.

The Australian AeroPress Championships is one of the final rounds before the World AeroPress Championships are staged in Vancouver, Canada from 1 to 3 December.

The Australian AeroPress Championships will assemble about 40 Australian baristas who will battle it out for their chance to represent Australia in Vancouver.

“Unlike technical coffee making competitions, the AeroPress competitions are high energy and lots of fun for competitors, judges and spectators alike and all about celebrating and making really great coffee fun and accessible,” Wolff Coffee Roasters founder Peter Wolff says.

“With the pandemic all but behind us, this year’s Australian AeroPress Championship is going to be an epic celebration of the fun and magic that is the world of coffee making.”

Competitors include names such as Simon Gautherin from Sydney, last year’s Australian AeroPress Champion, Latte art queen Jibbi Little also from Sydney, the 2019 Australian Latte Art Champion, and Queenslanders Danilo De Andrade the Australian Roasting Champion and World Tea Brewers Champion.

Invented by Stanford engineering lecturer, Alan Adler, AeroPress is a manual coffeemaker or piston-style brewer with a plunger and airtight silicone seal whereby coffee is forced through a thin paper filter into a cup. Thanks to its ability to brew a highly concentrated coffee with a clean taste and clearly defined flavour, AeroPress has been a revolutionary new and portable way to brew espresso or cold brew style coffee.

The World AeroPress Championships sees competitions staged in more than 60 countries across the world.

All proceeds from the Australian AeroPress Championships will be donated by Wolff Coffee Roasters to Australian mental health and wellbeing support organisation, Beyond Blue to help provide support programs for depression, suicide, anxiety disorders and other related mental illnesses.

To purchase a ticket, click here. For more information about the World AeroPress Championships, click here.

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