The xBloom is a fully automatic pour-over system, designed to deliver a seamless workflow.

From bean grinding to solid state pouring, the xBloom has been engineered to deliver the end user a specialty cup of coffee in just a few steps.

When using the conscientiously designed xPods, which feature beans from world-class roasters, xBloom adjusts the temperature, grind, ratio and pouring patterns to ensure every cup tastes exactly as the roaster intended, via the RFID tag at the bottom of the xPod.

Alternatively, the user can enjoy beans from their favourite roaster and brew them in the same way by using the reusable dripper and the xBloom app, which can be completely personalised.

With its architecturally designed exterior and small footprint, xBloom is ideal for home use, the workplace, or anywhere you want to experience exceptional coffee.

For more information, visit: www.coffeetools.supply/xbloom

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