Xtracted Espresso Solutions announces importing partnership with Synesso

Xtracted Espresso Solutions

Equipment supplier Xtracted Espresso Solutions has announced the formation of a direct importing partnership with Seattle based espresso machine manufacturer Synesso.

This is the first time in 12 years that Synesso have opened its distribution channels in Australia. As the only independent importer and distributor of Synesso in Australia, Xtracted Espresso Solutions says it looks forward to having the machines available to a broader range of coffee roasters.

“As the need for specialty coffee equipment grows,so too does the need for roasters to offer their customers a point of difference,” Xtracted Espresso Solutions Director Dean Slade says.

“We think that Synesso has a good opportunity to gain market share now that it is available through an independent supply chain.”

Xtracted Espresso Solutions will add the latest Synesso models, the S200 and S300, to its catalogue as well as the Synesso Hydra and Hydra MVP.

The Synesso MVP allows baristas to dial in espresso recipes, save those parameters in seconds, and then repeat them on any group as many times as needed. This technology allows users to change the brew mode from manual (M) to manual program (MP) to volumetric (VP) mode with the individual group head displays.

Building on the features of the MVP, Xtracted Espresso says the MVP Hydra offers the ability to simultaneously increase control and repeatability in espresso making, allowing baristas to fine-tune their coffee.

The S200 is a price competitive, volumetric machine that boasts the same internal components as the MVP and MVP Hydra. This includes group heads with no-wear parts, individual brew boilers, inbuilt digital shot timers, programmable temperature, and cool touch steam wands.

Additional settings include volumetric control of the S200’s extraction, a wired hand-held display, programmable hot water tap with mix valve, arcade-inspired group purge buttons, and an auto back flush program.

The S300 includes all the features of the S200 with an additional group head.

“We work closely with our manufactures in the research and development of the products we import to ensure we stay ahead of evolving industries requirements,” Dean says.

Xtracted Espresso Solutions is owned and operated by husband and wife team Dean and Emma Slade. As a third-generation coffee machine technician with more than18 years’experience, Dean provides the Australian coffee industry with his wealth of knowledge and expertise.

“We’ve had lots really good feedback and lots of excitement from roasters about this new partnership,” Emma Slade says. “We can’t wait to see Synesso be embraced even further by the Australian market.”

The Synesso range will be available from Xtracted Espresso Solution’s Melbourne and Brisbane based showrooms from early January 2019.

For more information, visit www.xtracted.com.au, or contact emma@xtracted.com.au or (03) 9681 7537

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