Yolk Café

Yolk Café

Designed in hues of yellow and white is a bright and inviting café that is hidden off North East Road in Walkerville, South Australia. Owner Zac Mucklow has created a venue with a welcoming atmosphere, where anyone can come in for a sip, bite, and place to relax and unwind, solo or in the company of loved ones.

“My dad owns the building and was pitching to the broader hospitality industry for an owner when I asked if he would let me take on the tenancy. Despite being quite young in my hospitality career, I had developed an affinity for the industry and wanted to give it a crack,” Zac says.

Yolk Café may have opened in peak COVID-19 in January 2021, but it hasn’t taken long to gain a reputation as a new brunch and coffee spot that is packed with a range of exciting food and drink options.

“We found our feet pretty quickly and the team was united from the start. The café wouldn’t be half as successful without the staff. They’ve helped create a really awesome culture and environment for our customers which I’m super grateful for,” says Zac.

Patrons can expect to enjoy quality coffee beans roasted by Veneziano Coffee Roasters, which serves as a much-needed pick-me-up on the colder mornings that have quickly settled in for the autumn period.

“We use Veneziano’s Elevate blend for milk-based coffees and their Soar blend for our black coffee. We tested a lot of coffee before we found Veneziano. We found that the rich, chocolatey flavour notes of Elevate and Soar were too good to pass up. I think both blends cater for specialty coffee aficionado’s and are still really approachable for beginners who want that classic coffee taste,” Zac says.

The café’s autumn menu combines classic brunch favourites such as eggs on toast and a B.E.L.T baguette with unique dishes like affogato waffles and curried egg on toast.

“We were looking for menu recommendations for an exciting egg-on-toast option. Many people wanted us to bring our chilli scramble back, but we weren’t feeling inspired by it. Then I noticed the chefs were making themselves the same lunch everyday – curried egg on toast – I thought: ‘Why aren’t we putting this on the menu if our chefs love it and eat it everyday?’ It’s gone gangbusters ever since,” Zac says.

Yolk Café
42 North East Road, Walkerville, South Australia, 5081
Open Monday to Sunday 7am — 3pm

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