Zimt Patisserie

Zimt Patisserie

Drawing inspiration from owner and qualified Pastry Chef Michael Leidler’s Austrian heritage, Zimt Patisserie is a friendly local patisserie, bakery and café with a loyal following.

According to Zimt Buisness Manager Rachel Fleetwood, it’s been a dream of Michael and his wife Sue to run their own café in Melbourne.

“Michael and Sue have created a unique product range, featuring both traditional Austrian and European offerings teamed with haute patisserie items,” says Rachel.

Zimt is a neighbourhood favourite with a counter full of traditional bagels and sourdough, lavishly decorated cakes, custom designed gingerbread cookies and other European-inspired treats.

“We make Melbourne’s best apple strudel and plum streusel. We also make favourites Melbournians love like croissants, strawberry tarts, cakes, pies & quiches. Michael gets very creative in the kitchen creating unique items like our cinnamon sticks and specialised Austrian products such as Stollen seasonally. We have a large following of Austrian and German customers that love coming here because it’s like a little taste of home,” Rachel says.

Imitating the red and white Austrian flag, the Surrey Hills bakery and café is adorned with red press metal walls and is decorated seasonally. Customers can watch the pastry chefs working hard behind the counter while enjoying a brew from Campos Coffee’s Superior blend.

“Campos’ Superior blend is a customer favourite. With notes of caramel and butterscotch, we really enjoy it, and it keeps our regulars coming back,” says Rachel.

Campos and Zimt have been partners since Campos broke into the Melbourne market, well over 8 years ago and, according to Rachel, share a great working relationship.

“Campos trained all of our staff on our La Marzocco coffee machine on one of our days off. The training session allowed our new casual staff to become proficient on the machine, which is invaluable service. There aren’t many companies that will offer a service like that,” she says.

Rachel adds that the most rewarding part of working at Zimt is being able to connect with everyone in the business.

“It’s nice to be in the café and get to know our regular customers and also work closely with the staff. Michael and Sue are great employers who are very passionate about what they do. They want their staff to resonate with that passion and transfer that to their service and how they treat our customers. It makes for a great working environment,” she says.

Zimt Patisserie

171 Union Road, Surrey Hills, Victoria, 3127

Winter trading hours Open Wednesday to Sunday 8am – 3pm

03 9890 2382

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